They are Stupid, and Like Being That Way

I am still trying to see how my religious family was relevant to the America it was part of. Perhaps their craziness was only the American craziness taken to an extreme.

Their tiny religion was rejected by Americans back in the Sixties – for reasons that will never be understood, but that hardly matters. Americans decided they would not be permitted to exist anymore – and so, being obedient creatures – they ceased to exist!

But that wasn’t all – they demonstrated for all to see – that they had no idea what happened! By being stupid, they were showing how harmless they were.

They did not invent this strategy, but used it for themselves. It became part of the American strategy – be stupid, and notice nothing!

There are two Americas now – the 19th Century Industrial America – and the 21st Century Computer America. And they are as different as they can be.

They are based on two different technologies – hardware and software. I wandered into the cross-fire between them, when I worked for the Computer Industry in the Nineties, in Silicon Valley. And I nearly got shot down.

I am watching this conflict now from a safe distance – I now live in Costa Rica, but have a high-speed Internet connection. The software people have the luxury of being able to do it right. The companies they work for like this, because it makes them successful. But they do not realize it is also making them obsolete.

To be successful in making software, you have to be smart – not stupid! But businessmen (and women) in the Industrial mode are stupid. And don’t mind showing this off.

As I am studying software development (to get a feel for what is going on there) I have to pick my way carefully through a minefield – set by Microsoft. Its Visual Studio is very useful – but its Windows 10 is not.

The trend now in American politics – is embodied by Trump. But Hillary is not far behind him. They want a return to the past, when America was strong – and think the American military can do this for them.

This is stupid.


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