A Mind Perverted by the Computer

Everyone’s mind has been perverted by the Computer – people are looking at their Smartphones – completely entranced by what they see and hear.

But I am perverted in another way – I can now feel how the mind of a computer works, by spending too much time conversing with them. I could even use some sexual analogies.

Sex makes babies, but being intimate with a computer makes programs – and programmers consider them their children.

The rapid advances in Computer Hardware and Software have been amazing – but completely unnoticed by the general public – who do not want to learn anything, but only want to be entertained.

I think this was caused by Television – that completely overwhelmed its viewers – and made them dependent on it. It showed them not only what to buy – but how to be. It turned them into consumers – able to spend money, but not able to think for themselves.

The introduction of TV in the Fifties was followed by the introduction of the Computer in the Eighties. And most people considered it an enhanced TV – one they could talk to, and it would talk back to them. The perfect friend.

It never occurred to them to consider it a different technology entirely. Which it most certainly was. The importance of this confusion cannot be overstated. People are living in a world they do not understand – but controls them completely.

I have exaggerated here to make a point. TV and the Computer do not control people completely – but they control the background (the unconscious culture) that shapes people’s lives.

People have always been shaped by their culture – this was one of the key findings of Sociology early in the 20th Century. They may think they operate independently – but this is an illusion. And one TV advertisers were quick to take advantage of.

Here I must introduce a key concept – Mass Culture – which was produced by Industrialization – which needed workers to operated its machinery. Beginning with its first machine – the Sailing Ship. These were manned by Sailors – incredibly tough men who did not think about what they were doing – but only followed orders. And which reproduced rapidly.

This was followed by Manufacturing – which also needed its workers – but treated them badly. Eventually this improved, and a Middle Class appeared who had good jobs.

The discovery of The Masses by Ortega y Gasset in the Thirties coincided with the rise of Fascism in Europe. But his discovery has not been taken seriously, because of the rise of Mass Communications – the Movies and the Radio – and their incorporation into what must be called the Mass Economy – where only big things matter.

This changed what people thought of themselves also – they became superhuman, and were not content with being merely human.

And were capable of amazing atrocities.


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