Incompetence and Deceit

It’s sometimes difficult to tell these apart. And lots of people want to keep it that way.

I can remember an incident in my own family. My brother’s daughter had no income – but wanted a condo anyway, No problem! The Real Estate salesmen said – you can move in right away.

My brother was suspicious, and asked if the Phoenix area hadn’t been overbuilt. They told him it was not! Which was a complete lie – it was one of the most overbuilt areas in the nation. But he and his wife helped their daughter move in to her new condo anyway.

The daughter could not make her mortgage payments, so she had to move out and rent her condo to someone else. This was happening all over Phoenix – the housing bubble burst – and contributed to the Financial crisis of 2007-2008.

Was this incompetence or deceit? Or both?


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