Incompetence and Destructiveness

These two traits are closely connected. People feel if they can’t understand something, they have the right (indeed, the duty) to destroy it. Since they don’t understand very much – this encourages them destroy nearly everything – feeling self-righteous in the process. Everyone likes to play God – and his counterpart.

Americans are good at this – but are not aware of their destructiveness – even as they destroy themselves – and quite a few other people. To pare this down to its barest essentials – they are showing the world that – killing people feels good. Especially if you don’t have to do the killing yourself – but let other people do it for you.

I once knew a Vietnam vet – who suffered from this himself. He had done horrible things, and he knew it. And he could not get that off his mind. Everyone listened politely to his problems – but then changed the subject.

And this emphasis on military solutions is getting worse. I have a cousin with all of her sons in the military – and whose daughters are married to men in the military. She was pleased with this, because she did not have the expense of sending them to college.

People can get out of this downward spiral – and find work in the Computer Economy. But they will have to work at learning the skills it requires. They will have to become Computer Competent, and make things work.

Instead of making them not work.



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