La Mezcla Perfecta Pollo Bacon

This is the label on the chicken hamburger I bought at McDonalds yesterday, when I was doing my weekly shopping at the nearest large town of Cartago.

I shopped at a WalMart store (for its excellent selection of items from all over the world, including the US) picked up the things that had been flown in for me from Miami, and decided to splurge on two of these (and a chocolate cone with soft-frozen ice cream). I was struck by how efficient McDonalds was.

I had gotten used to the disorganization down here, where it takes forever to do the simplest things. McDonald’s was efficiency personified. It was vacuuming in the money – and keeping its customers satisfied at the same time (the clerk addressed me as Caballero (horseman). a polite term of respect down here).

America does understand marketing – in fact, it invented it.


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