A Widow’s Story

This memoir by Joyce Carol Oats is her masterpiece – in my opinion. She has such high standing in the literary world I hesitate to criticize her. However, as she says herself, this exalted standing baffles her – they needed someone to idealize – and they have picked her. She doesn’t let this go to her head – but plays the role gracefully.

She does not try to hide her emotional instability – which she describe in intense detail – in page after page. She blasts her feelings out for all the world to read about. Are these some kind of Romantic expectations? Does she think they will impress people?

I can only take them in short doses.

She has not tried therapy – but has used powerful tranquilizers instead. It’s a wonder they didn’t kill her – but she is one hell of a tough gal.

Look at her bibliography on Wikipedia – no wonder she has insomnia – she spends all her time writing – and thinking, thinking, thinking!


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