Suffer fools gladly


I have a different take on this – I want to get angry at my fellow-Americans for destroying their country, and making life difficult for me when I was living up there – but I know this will do me no good, it will just give me ulcers.

It’s best to take a high-altitude (and long-time)  view, and consider the whole thing a joke – a huge self-destructive joke. A thousand years from now, today’s problems will not seem so serious.

Humans have serious deficiencies – the most serious being – when things get really bad – their tendency to believer they are perfect. A foolish belief if ever there was one – since times are now really bad.

Americans are living in the lap of luxury, where they have everything they could possibly want – but they are being treated badly,  as persons.

They are not allowed to feel this consciously – but unconsciously they resent this intensely. And they react with a variety of hard feelings. That only make the situation worse.


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