I Had to Have a BeagleBone Black

Texas Instruments

The latest thing for computer hobbyists are little credit-card sized computers – where you can play with hardware and software both. Toys for adults.

The boards themselves don’t cost much (about $50) – but by the time you buy all devices you need to connect them to – you can spend hundreds!

My first try was a Raspberry Pi – that couldn’t display anything! The rest of it may have been working fine, but without any output it was useless.

I ordered (and paid for) a board from Seeed, a strange outfit in Singapore – but I never got it. Con artists exist in this market too.

I did some serious shopping for my next one – I decided on a BeagleBone Black – because I already had the necessary accessories – keyboard and mouse, and HDMI display. I ordered it from Amazon, that will ship it to Miami, where it will be flown to Costa Rica – who will tack on a substantial import duty.


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