Making People Feel Good

There is nothing wrong with people feeling good – but there is a lot wrong with making them bad – by making them feel good.

“How can this be?” People will say – as though they never heard of the idea before – when it has been around for thousands of years. In the Old Testament of the Bible, for example.

The young of our global culture are especially prone to this. You can see them everywhere – with earbuds plugged into their ears – listing to music on their smartphones. Without a thought in their heads.

But as the older generation – quite a bit older – I did the same thing myself, when I was young. We discovered high-fidelity stereo music – and were hooked on it. I could not live without my LP records and my headphones. They made me feel better than being with a girl did.

Much later, in the Nineties in Silicon Valley – I went into therapy. There were all kinds of therapists around – and their main objective was to make you feel better. Without bothering with what made you feel bad – Silicon Valley itself. They were not part of a solution – they were part of the problem.

TV does the same thing – its sitcoms are designed to make you feel good – and susceptible to unconscious orders at the same time. They show you how to be simple-minded.


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