My Life in Hell

You may think I am being over-dramatic – after all, I had a normal life in a normal family – and had a normal job.

You may think I am mentally defective, and perhaps I am – because I got upset by things that didn’t upset other people.

Perhaps I was like the Canary in a Coal Mine – the situation I was in was toxic for me, and I had to get out – but most people could adapt to it fairly easily.

In short – I was too sensitive.

I accept that analysis – but wonder if mankind has become so insensitive (or unaware) it has ended up in a situation toxic to itself – and many other creatures. Another version of Hell.

But a version of Hell that many other people are desperate to get into. “If this is hell.” They are saying, “Hell is where I want to be!” And who am I to argue with them?

After WWII, America was the richest country in history. But Americans wanted something better – much better. Their lives were not satisfying – even though they had new houses in the suburbs, and fancy new cars. They had plenty of money (and everything money could buy) – but they were not happy.

I remember once when our family was visiting Mexico in our brand-new station wagon. We saw a young man riding a donkey in the desert along the side of the highway – and he was happy! We were shocked – he had no right to be happy, when he was so poor!

So what did Americans do? They wrecked their country. And I was left in that wreckage. I was unhappy, but they were happy – they were doing the right thing! If I was suffering – too bad for me.

I hardly know where to go from here. I could quote other people who have said much the same thing – for over a hundred years! But this would make no difference – people would just say “That’s what they say!” But they wouldn’t say what is on the back of their minds – “We can take it – but they cannot! We will get the goodies, but they will not.”

If the goodies are not worth having – they will worry about that later.


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