Software Developers Have a Different Attitude Toward Making the World Better

First I must carefully distinguish, once again – between the Computer Industry, that is obsessed with making money – and some people working in that industry, who are obsessed with making computers better – especially their software.

This is the cultural gap of our time – that most people are completely unaware of. One side is destructing their world – the other side is constructing it. Two different worlds.

I see this happening all over the world. Japan, for example, who has all kinds of technical reasons for why their economy is failing. But the reason seems simpler to me – after making a brilliant comeback after WWII – they lost interest in the Computer – which requires cooperative behavior – not authoritarian.

This is even true in the U.S. which practically invented the Computer – the Brits were there first, but Americans took their ideas and made them work. Now they want to throw away that huge advantage and go back to the rule of the rich and powerful!

This has happened over and over in history – huge empires disappear. It almost seems people cannot stand too much success.


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