Superior Americans

My parents were part of this generation of Americans – who thought they were the best people possible – and entitled to lord it over the rest of mankind. They were the richest country in history – and in their eyes, this made them the best.

They eventually lost their highly superior status – which was a terrible shock to them – and now Trump promises to bring it back. The parallel to the condition of Germany after WWI has been made, and I think we can learn something from that.

My parents were also religious – they had their own little church that made them even better than the rest. This is now gone also.

We should note one thing – the vast majority of any empire are stupid, and not capable of understanding where they are. And, as a result, their empire declines. No one dares tell them they are stupid – but instead tells them are the opposite – that they are wonderful! And they believe it.

Americans can now see they are no longer on top of the world – and they have reacted in all kinds of ways – none of them constructive. They cannot understand what is going on – but assume a strong military (outside and inside their country) will take care of their problems.  This is not very bright.

Are there any solutions? Yes, there are lots of them. But none of them are likely to work. Some situations cannot be fixed.

What is going to happen? That is anyone’s guess – the world is in a very complex state – and all kinds of things can happen at the same time, in different places.

I get a daily update from the Council for Foreign Relations – which fills me in on what is going on in various places – a litany of bad news.


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