The Disservice Industry

We hear so much about the Service Industry nowadays, it is making me suspicious. What are these services? Who are these services for?

We seem to be saying they are for people – but when you look more closely, you wonder. They are for something else – but what that is, we do not know – and we are not encouraged to think much about it.

We have the feeling that all this is united somehow – but we have no idea how. We can only say one thing for certain – it is not for us – for people.

We live a society that is not interested in people – if live is the right word. This is a scary situation – and we should be worried about it. But we are told – very firmly – not to worry!


The answer seems to be that there is something rotten in Denmark – to quote Shakespeare. And at the end of the play,x the stage is littered with corpses – and the audience applauds.

We seem to be putting on a show for other forces – can we identify what they are? I use what here, instead of who – because these forces are impersonal.

The best place to look would be in the workplace – where most of our energies are concentrated. What is going on there?

“We are working!” Would be a likely reply. The next question is automatic “What are you working at?” There is no answer, because since Industrialization ended – there is no work,  and there are no jobs. And we are told, once again, that we live in a service economy, and we have to look for jobs there. If we can find them.

We are left living in a vacuum – towards which all the garbage in the world is sucked. Our favorite expression “It sucks!” Is truer than we can imagine.

What is the Service Economy? Nothing much. It has a few jobs – but they are not good jobs. Husband and wife have to work full-time to make ends meet – even if they have Computer jobs.

Is the Computer part of the Service Economy? A very good question for which there is no easy answer. We can only say that is not a good question for today’s world.


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