Online Retailing

This should not be hard to do, it seems to me – but few companies do it right – Amazon being the outstanding example.

The reason for this is simple – Amazon takes its customers seriously, and works to keep them satisfied – but no one else bothers. Hard to believe, huh! I could give you plenty of examples.

The goes right back to the philosophy of business that developed. in America, over several centuries. You have heard of the anarchist phrase Property is Theft!as explained in Wikipedia. This was modified by Capitalism late in the 19th Century to:

Successful People have the right to take what they want from those less successful.

Success being successful in businessĀ – even if this means cheating. Businesses often cheat each other – as much as they can get away with – without going to jail. And they cheat their customers – often with deceitful advertising.

All this is considered normal.

But the overall result is inefficient behavior. It is immoral also – but more importantly, all this cheating makes for a inefficient market economy – which depends on honesty. If people are cheated on – they are less likely to be economically active – in buying, selling, and investing.

Amazon runs an honest marketplace – not perfectly honest, but as honest as they can make it. I just wrote a critical review of a product I bought there – and they were happy to print it.


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