Americans have a strange, complicated attitude towards this. They do not want to talk about it, because doing so would reveal their confusion. In my opinion, they don’t like too much virtue (because it’s bad for Business) – but do not want to come out and say so.

America has clearly seen better times. Something Americans recognize (reluctantly) – but they place the blame for this somewhere else – and not with themselves. They continue to believe they are good – all evidence to the contrary not withstanding.

This decline goes back quite a ways – perhaps to the 1890s and the Spanish-American War. When America became a Colonial power – with its acquisition of the Philippines. Virtue in this undertaking was ignored – as mass atrocities were performed by American troops.

Virtue is not compatible with Power. Rule by Power always results in an unstable situation (it grows, but then declines) – but is very attractive to those in power.

America’s power peaked out in the Fifties – and has been going downhill ever since. It now shares power with the EU and China in the Global Economy. This is now in an unstable condition – for a number of reasons, including its lack of Virtue.

Which it doesn’t even consider.


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