Supernatural Forces Rule the World

This is the core belief of most religions. Originally, there were spirits in everything – and these spirits were their essence – and controlled everything they did, and how they related to the spirits of everything else.

Religious specialists (Shamans) could relate to these spirits and influence them – or so people believed. The point I want to make here, is not whether they could actually do these things – but that people believed they could.

The Enlightenment caused a backlash to these religious beliefs, as I read this morning in Who Was David Hume? They thought only Natural Forces existed. The Scientific explanation.

In our time, we have realized there are powerful Social Forces which can be categorized as supernatural and/or natural. And, to top it off, we now have a Computer Reality with its own forces – that are having an enormous impact on our Reality. I haven’t even mentioned Quantum Mechanics – which makes many worlds possible.

All this is driving people crazy – who want a simple world – and don’t much care which one it is.


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