The Decision to Not Be Human

Man’s inhumanity to man has always been part of human history – and this is not going away. All we can do is become more fully aware of it

But this increased awareness is not happening. People do not want to think about bad things – perhaps thinking this will make them go away. And, as a result – things have gotten much worse. And people are still determined to not notice this. They want to feel good instead.

This is stupid.

One mark of being human is our intelligence. If we abandon this, we are no longer human.

But those in power do not want intelligent people around them who can see what they are. They want people around them who are like them – obsessed with one thing only – getting power and hanging on to it.

This is also stupid – as a moment’s reflection will show you. It results in total incompetence – global incompetence and global destructiveness. With everyone walking around – not noticing anything.

We can summarize this situation easily – we have gotten ourselves into a total mess – and have no way of getting out of it. Something, and something fundamental – will have to change. And is changing.

What is changing? We are developing another Economy. We had to, because the old one was not working. We have new tools now – provided by the Computer. We have an Information Economy.

But I must clarify what I mean by “we” here. People are now desperate for jobs. And they will do anything to get one. But jobs are going away. Leaving most of the population high and dry. They are saying “We want our old world back!” But it is not coming back.

This is a dangerous situation. And has resulted in lots of political solutions that have only made it worse. Such as the rise of Trump in America. We need leaders who can help us out of this – but they are stuck in the same trap – the Affluence Trap.

This was made possible by the Industrial Economy – that made a few very rich (Americans especially). With all the rest desperate to get the same thing – with no way of getting it.

The Information Economy will not provide many jobs – that is not what it is for – but we have no way of dealing with this brutal fact.

There are far too many people in the world – and this situation will only get worse.


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