A New Kind of Murder

We flatter ourselves that murder, at least in the developed world, has become less common. And there are plenty of statistics to bear this out.

But this is only superficially true – there are no longer stacks of dead bodies lying around – which is an improvement, to be sure. But in any business, blood flows between between cubicles and the death agonies of companies (and organizations) fill the air.

And is ignored by all – since the sight of all this bloodshed is too much to bear. Everyone is saying “Nothing bad is going on!” When death is all around them.

The transition between different worlds – such as the transition between the Assyrian world and the Babylonian world – which I reading about now – was full of change and violence. But did result in a viable new world.

The fall of the Roman Empire, by contrast – only resulted in a new world after a thousand years!

We are going through a transition from the Industrial World to something else we don’t have a name for yet – possibly the Market Economy, the Information Economy, or the Computer World.

Fasten your seat-belts folks, because it is going to be rough ride!


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