The Appeal of Trump

New Yorker Magazine

Americans should read this – but Americans don’t read – they watch TV instead. They don’t think – they believe – whatever the right people believe.

I saw this myself, when I was last visiting the States. I was staying with a cousin and his wife who live in the DC area – in Northern Virginia.

My cousin was helping campaign for Obama, and I helped him do this one Saturday. He knew nothing about Obama – he only knew the right people were for him, and he wanted to be one of those people.

After Obama was elected, and didn’t perform as he promised, I emailed by cousin about this. But he was not interested. He was only interested in what other people were interested in – and if they were not bothered by this, he wasn’t either.

It’s the same with Trump – people follow their instincts – which are the beliefs of those they identify with.


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