The Exercise of Power

This is probably the most attractive of all human activities. Which is just another way of saying we are extremely social beings. But much of our socializing is not productive – and is destructive instead.

This has been true throughout history – but has gotten worse in our own time. When time has been concentrated, and so much is happening at once. But, at the same time – when people are aware of little.

The reason will be clear to you – we have done such a bad job of running our lives – that we are ashamed of our ourselves.

The solution will also be clear to you – we have to recognize this, and start over.

Lots of people have been doing this in lots of ways – but I don’t think they have been blunt enough. They haven’t said “Our problem is that we hate ourselves!” This is a hard pill to swallow, and we haven’t swallowed it.

Perhaps if we backed off, and took it one step at a time – it would be easier. But we would have to take History seriously – and believe it can teach us something.

We would have to go back to our last big breakthrough – the arrival of the Modern World. And take a good look at it. We will see a mirror-image of ourselves. Our strengths and our weaknesses. And one of these strengths was the invention of the Printing Press – and also the Paper to print on.

To put this in contemporary terms – this caused an Information Explosion. And changed us completely.

We could not predict the effects of this technology – we never can – we just rushed to use it – assuming that the future would somehow take care of itself. The future did take care of itself – and our world changed entirely.

Still, for hundreds of years, we rushed on at an ever-increasing pace – not pausing to get our breaths and look around us. If we did look around, we would we see what a strange world we are in – and maybe changed our ways.

To summarize – we are in a frenzy of innovation – trying to change ourselves much faster that we can possibly change. And, as a result, things have broken down. And we find ourselves living in the wreckage of our past.


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