The Rejection of Reality

This is another idea that has been in the back of my mind for some time – and now wants to be let out, so it can see the light of day.

It’s simple – people have developed an allergy to the real world.

I leave myself wide open with a statement like that. Anyone can say “Real world? What on earth is that?” Or simply click on another link – there are so many available.

Over and over again – things keep plopping in my inbox – just when I need them. The thing today was the book Mapping Experiences – a book about Software Development – but also about human experiences in general. And our distrust of people.

I think the Computer is the future of the human race. This where we are going – a Computer World – whether we want to go there or not. The people who resist this – will be the first to grab their iPhone (a computer) to see what is going on.

Let me use another analogy – there is an ICBM headed straight at us from outer space – but its warhead is not a nuclear bomb – but terabytes of information – that will knock us on our ass. This is going on right now – but instead of outer space we have the Computer Cloud – that is giving us so much, we don’t know how to handle it.

Allow me to drag in another expert Fyodor Dostoyevsky. Who saw this in the middle of the 19th Century – and had to write about it. This is also available in the Cloud – in the form of audio books.

But if you are a normal person – you will say “Nothing much is going on!”


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