For the World to Work, All of it Must Work Together

This sounds obvious enough, and few would argue with it – but its implications are huge. We now have a global economy – which means all the world must work together, for it to work.

This is impossible – and the world is not working.

“Maybe so,” Some people may be saying, “But we can improve some parts of it anyway!”

Fine, and I wish them luck. They will do what they have to do. But they should take the whole situation into account – and not expect too much.

They might be able to isolate a part of the world economy and make it work – but I cannot imagine what part that might be. Everything is tied together – whether we like it or not.

This is not to say that some organizations cannot create their own solutions to whatever problems they chose to work on. This is done frequently in Software – in its attempts to constantly make itself better. The results here have been amazing – but taking these advances into the larger world – with ordinary people in it – is something that hasn’t worked too well.

People evolved in hunter-gatherer groups – but some of them (who were more aggressive) took over the world – and established empires – that were always unstable. We now live in a global empire – which is unstable also.

I can’t complain, personally. I got out of the Computer Industry, an awful place – and now live on my Social Security income in rural Costa Rica.

It’s the right place for me.


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