Drunk on a Software High

Like any other high – it’s impossible to explain this – but immediately recognizable to anyone else on it. There are two overwhelming forces in our time – Business and Software. Which could not be more different. Business is about the pursuit of power (which includes, but is not the same as making money). Software is only about making itself better.

Only three companies have merged these forces – Facebook, Google, and Amazon. And Facebook just barely squeezes into this select company. Apple is a hardware company (computer hardware, it is true) and not a software company. I should say something about Microsoft, which is a software company and has some fine products – but it also is the Evil Empire in its business dealings. I limit my dealings with it – and won’t use Windows 10.

Google and Amazon are obsessed with making their businesses better – a very unusual combination. Most organizations, by contrast – are self-destructing. And are doing it wrong in every conceivable way.

This makes it a pleasure to deal with either company. And, as an unintended by-product – makes them rich!

This is analogous to what happened at the beginning of the Industrial Revolution. Their engineers wanted to make better machines (mainly the Steam Engine) and ended up making their entire country rich! Not everyone got rich, however – some unfortunates ended up working in the Satanic Mills. Or impressed into the Navy.

In our time, Silicon Valley has made America rich – even though most Americans don’t know where it is – and don’t want to know. But, just as before – it has only make a few people rich.

The rest are working themselves to death. Working for Amazon, for example, at one of their warehouses – is stressful, low-paying work.Blood flow between the cubicles of any company  The gap between the rich and poor is higher than ever.

As is the suicide rate.


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