Gestalt is Still Alive!

I was into Gestalt Therapy back in the Seventies – and went to a lot of workshops on this. This is what you did back then – you went to workshops, that were run by people who cared. And Gestalt was hot.

I knew one of its exponents personally – and I lived on his ranch, one summer, with his second wife, in scenic Utah, not far from Arches National Park.

Gestalt was the creation of Fritz Perls, who picked up ideas from everywhere – and every year taught the newest ones at the Esalen Institute, where he lived.

John Stevens, as he was called then, became his publisher – and made a fortune from that. He still owns the Real People Press in Moab, Utah.

I knew personally the couple who founded the Gestalt Institute of Denver – and often went skinny-dipping with them in the Jacuzzi pool in their backyard.

But when the Sixties ended, sometime in the late Seventies – Gestalt ended also. And people went into other things – such as NLP. This shocked me – but no one else seemed to notice.

Imagine my surprise when I got this from the Gestalt Development Center in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.


3 thoughts on “Gestalt is Still Alive!

  1. Gestalt is certainly still alive, my friend. 🙂 I agree, gestalt, as a *fad* and a *set of techniques*, ended. But that’s for the best. When people do techniques without a deeper understanding of the underlying theory, they can often do more harm than good. Even Perls was clear about how his demonstrations weren’t necessarily appropriate for true therapy. There are definitely many people around the world who are still entirely aligned with and passionate about gestalt and continue to practice and teach. There are gestalt institutes in many of the larger cities around the world. I hope you had a good experience with it and I’m curious about your perspective about the difference between the gestalty people you’ve come across and the average bear. I enjoy gestalty people. I generally find them to be more fully alive and having more fun living. What was your perspective?

      1. Haha. Heck no. Writing is very new. I’ve only done a few blog posts and it’s largely an experiment to see if (1) I enjoy writing stuff and (2) if people enjoy reading my stuff. The verdict is still out, especially about #2! :-p

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