Business Hates the World

I hate Business, and I think everyone else should hate it too. But they don’t – they love it instead, even though it makes their lives miserable.

Before going further, I must carefully distinguish between people’s conscious beliefs – and their unconscious beliefs.

Consciously, they are paragons of virtue – the best people possible –  and they don’t mind saying so. Their unconscious selves are where all their badness is stored – and there is plenty of it.

This dichotomy was well-known to the Victorians – long before Freud came along. But people still think of him – even though his analysis was completely inadequate.

He would have been baffled by my hatred of Business – he knew plenty of ruthless businessmen – everyone did – but they could be easily dismissed as vulgar and crude. It took WWII to bring them into power – and to make them respectable.

This was an amazing transformation – only made possible by something equally amazing – people became incapable of noticing this.

Both happened at the same time – and resulted in Business (business with a capital P) – that soon took over the entire world, in the last half of the last Century. Because it was helped by the Computer and its networks: Internet and Cellular.

Most people could no longer question the dominance of Business – because they had merged with it.

Other people, who are opposed to Business, for a number of reasons – had no clear idea of what they were opposing. I have no clear idea of this myself – I am floundering in the wilderness – and I can sympathize with anyone else trying to do this.

Figuring out what is going on in the Computer World is a monumental task in itself – as anyone in that world will admit.

But we should be trying to understand what is going on in our world anyway.


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