The Computer is Perfect, and This has Made It’s People Perfect Also

This statement is misleading in many ways. But it is accurate in another way – since the Computer arrived, this is how many people now think of themselves. As perfect beings. Without being the least bit aware of this.

Previous to this, we had been changed by our adaption to The Machine – the process we now call Industrialization. When we moved from animal power to fossil fuel power. And discovered an Objective Reality – as contrasted with the Subjective Reality of our past.

This only happened in part of the world, however – in the Protestant world, in Northern Europe. The South (which included Latin America) remained Catholic, and poor. This was not an easy transition – and terrible religious wars were fought over it.

Any successful technology always changes the people who adopt it. This is how we became successful, as humans – were were extremely adaptable. When we merged with our new technologies, however, the results were always a strange mixture – with both good and bad features – that could not be predicted in advance.

These changes just happened, and people did their best to adapt to them. Which they didn’t have too much trouble doing – since they took thousands of years. We were adaptable, but we could only adapt slowly – since many changes had to happen in us, to allow these external changes to happen.

We had to become different beings – and this is not something we do easily. In general, we would rather die than change – and lots of blood was shed over this. And is still being shed, all over the world.

Let me return to the Computer – what it is, and what people think it is. Two different things entirely.

People could see that the Computer was logical – it worked by simple mathematical rules. And Mathematics has always been perfect. The Computer was therefore the perfect machine!

People who understood the Computer, on the other hand – did not see it this way. Computers had many limitations – and they were finding more of them constantly.

A huge cultural divide had developed – between those who understood the Computer – and those who thought they understood the Computer.

But in reality, understood nothing at all.


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