A Nation That Does Not Read

And does not know that it does not read.

This was the impact of Television. It was so interesting – people stopped reading. And not only that – resented anyone’s noticing this. They wanted to retain the prestige of being a reading public – without actually doing it.

But the decision to not read had far-reaching consequences. Literacy had been the core activity of the Modern World – and abandoning reading, meant abandoning one of the great advances of humankind. People were left with a new identity – that was no identity at all. But something that could be made up on the spot.

Television turned them into consumers – with nothing to do but to head for the nearest shopping center.

At the same time, American manufacturing moved to China, and most of the good jobs went with them.

How these two – TV, and the loss of manufacturing jobs – were coordinated we will never know. But they did happen at the same time – with devastating consequences.

Americans were left living in the wreckage of their former world – and prey to people like Trump – who promises to return them to their former glory.


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