America is Ruled by Invisible Forces

And this is exactly what Americans want.

They are not in control – something else is. And that something else is not knowable. It is religious in nature, and is not accessible to the human mind. In a word, it is God.

But God now expresses Himself in new ways – in Business and the Market Economy. And even more fundamentally – in Television and the Computer.

The impact of TV has been enormous – but has been carefully ignored. Because a careful examination would make it clear that Television is an Industry – an integral part of the Global Economy. And is hard at work telling Americans what to think.

This is a very strange situation – Television functions as the brains of America – and indeed, the entire world!

And to this we must now add the Computer – mostly in the form of the Smartphone.

The poorest people in the world, who barely have enough to eat – have a TV and a Phone!

As McLuhan noticed – these now form our extended nervous system. We are no longer human – but superhuman. And can look down on those who are merely human.

As one who was still human, this was an intolerable situation – and I had to move to Costa Rica – a country much less advanced, but one that still liked people!

Now a few words about the Computer. Which has destroyed one world – but is creating another.

Here we run up against a basic fact of life – most people know little, and are of little use in a changing economy – a few of them are busy exploiting this ignorance, and getting rich – and a few that know what is going on – but are mostly being ignored.

This is a fundamental pattern that has been repeated throughout history. The rise and fall of empires – caused by new discoveries, which resulted in new riches – until their limits had been reached. Then a decline sets in.

Will this time be different?


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