What Percentage of People are In The Know?

This is a hard question to ask properly – what kind of skill set are we talking about?

But the answer is remarkably uniform – no matter which expertise we are talking about. There are about 10,,000 people successfully involved in doing this, whatever it is. And about 10 billion people in the world. When you do the numbers, you get one tenth of one percent of the population!

Can they make a difference? Yes – and there are plenty of examples of this. The most recent being Software Developers – about 10,000 of them are involved in critical projects (mostly open-source projects) – upon which almost all Software Development depends. And this expertise has been very successful. The only part of the Economy that has been.

This fits in with my time in the Software Industry – where I worked for 20 years in the Eighties and Nineties. And never worked on a single successful project – and most of the companies I worked for went out of business. I felt like a black cloud was following me around.

It never occurred to me – that I was part of the 99.9 percent that was bound to fail.

Reformers of all kinds, and there are plenty of them – all claim they are part of the outstanding one tenth of one percent.

They may be right – but more likely, they are wrong.


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