How the Cloud is Making a Better World

O’Reilly OSCON – Open Source Conference

You read this right – a better world!

You have every right to consider me slightly daft – if not completely so. How many times have we been told that some new technology would save the world? Times without number. How many times has this happened? Not once. Usually, they have made things worse.

What’s different now? We have discovered limitless computer power – we can do more and more with the Computer for less and less.

You are still not excited however. The power you are interested in – is not computer power, but power to put in your gas tank – or to put in your bank account. That you can understand. All this Computer stuff is too hard to understand.

To get excited about this, you have to come from a different place – where you like to learn.

And you either have this – or you don’t.


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