It All Seems Simple to Me

Perhaps I am simple-minded – but I prefer simple explanations. And it seems to me that our attitude is the most important determinant in our complicated world. Our attitude determines what we do, and how we do it. The birds and the bees are not wrecking the world – we are.

Immediately, people will object that I don’t understand the situation. There are large patterns that are more important than we are – and we have to fit into them.

They are not especially keen on describing these patterns – but assume I can see them for myself – by watching how other people behave. This has been our most basic social skill – behaving as other people do. And they see no reason to change this.

But I can see a reason – an important reason – people have the ability to think. Or perhaps I should put that in the past tense – people had the ability to think – but it has been badly compromised. And they are now letting other things do most of their thinking for them.

To put this another way – they have ceased to be – as individuals. This has been a gradual process – and involved a change in attitude – toward themselves. As they became more technically advanced they developed a more advanced personality. This personality thought itself superior to their less advanced personality.

They developed a split personality – two people in one body. Who were at perpetual war with one another. And with the world outside them.

This was greatly helped by the financial success of the advanced population. It they were richer – this meant they were better! And this mean they could abuse those who were less successful. Which they proceeded to do, with relish.

Not a pretty picture, huh!


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