The People TV has Created

I could have said “The World TV has created” but the world is an abstract idea, while people are not. Although the people behind TV clearly think of them this way – as objects they can manipulate.

When TV first arrived, its awesome effects were obvious – but people have gotten used to them – and have become TV addicts. And have lost their interest in anything else.

They no longer exist as people – but as demigods with the ability to change the world by changing their viewing habits. The World is whatever they chose to view – nothing else exists.

Previously, the World was whatever we read about – in the printed word. Most people now have no time for this.

First thing this morning, I picked up the New York Review and read The Passions of Vargas Lllosa – someone I never heard of before – but quickly became interested in. He is a writer from Peru – which he has likened to “a kind of incurable disease.”

A friend of mine down here, who works for a tourist agency, has just returned from a tour of Peru, courtesy of the Peruvian government – that desperately wants more tourists, and the wonderful money they bring with them.  He saw all the sights Peru offers – but learned nothing of Peru itself.

The Tourist existed long before Television – it was invented by the Victorian British, when they wanted to travel abroad, see how the rest of the world lived. I have relatives, who every year take a cruise on one of the luxurious cruise ships that abound – and they see the sights also – from a safe distance.

One of these relatives, when recounting a recent cruise, started off by mentioning how much the ship cost – an astronomical sum! Tourists demand luxury accommodations – and will not stay anywhere else. They want to enjoy income inequality at its worst – or, from their point of view, the best.


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