Which Craziness’s do I Want to be Part Of?

I take this question seriously.

I have decided to be part of the blogging craziness – especially since wordpress.com (which is free!) stashes everything I write in the Cloud. When I look at everything I have written, over the years – I am impressed – and sometimes wonder about my sanity.

The next craziness I have to consider is – Programming – and this is a tough one. Software Development is mass insanity, as any competent programmer will admit. But it’s a craziness we have to understand – at least in its fundamentals.

Let me put this another way – to understand the Computer World – which is the world we now live in – you have to be a little crazy – otherwise you cannot understand it. This is true of any specialty – Finance or Law, for example.

But software is especially crazy. This is true when you are learning how to do it – new stuff comes out all the time – much faster than any one person can learn it. But this is especially true when you use it – the people who make it, will give you more crap than you can handle. Messing up your mind so much, they can easily take advantage of you. Ethics? They never heard of it.

Everyone is telling you “You really must have this!” And sometimes they are right – but they do not tell you all the hassles you will get into.

This brings up my next subject, sometimes called developmental boards. The first one of these was the Raspberry Pi. Its inventor took some chips that were developed for smartphones,  and put them on a circuit board of their own – with input and output ports. And used Linux for an operating system – to make everything work together.

This was fascinating to computer geeks like me. This was a computer of their own – that they could play with, in depth, to their hearts content. I now have three of them – a Raspberry Pi, a Tessel 2, and a BeagleBone Black.

I am concentrating on the BeagleBone because it is so well-documented – and even has a IDE to help me program it. It also has its built-in frustrations – all kinds of things you have to work around. You gotta be stubborn, when working with any new technology. You gotta be smarter than it is – and with these smart beasties, this takes some doing.

You have to tell them, very firmly “I am smarter than you!”



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