My Brain and My Colon

The nervous system and the digestive system of all vertebrates operate independently of each other.

The digestive system (which is very complicated) has a mind of its own – and mixing it with the brain’s mind would have been a disaster.

The final organ of the digestive system is the Colon – which houses immense numbers of micro-organisms that feast on the remains of our food. This is a sensitive organ, that is intimately aware of the emotional state of the rest of the body. If the body is upset, it is upset. If it gets sick (from cancer, perhaps) the whole body gets sick – very sick.

In ancient times, the entrails of birds were carefully examined, as they contained messages from the gods. Birds, since they could fly, communicated between Heaven and Earth – and Christian angels still have wings for this reason. These people also paid careful attention to their own internal organs – and realized they had a huge effect on the rest of them. They were gut-oriented.

One of the crises of our time is the loss of this orientation. In many ways, our guts are smarter than our brains – because they are more aware.

This is the right place to bring up the Computer – and consider its effect on us.

I am a Computer enthusiast, and am downloading the Android Studio so I can play with it – as I write this. But I am continually amazed – by how ignorant people are about this new force in their lives. I will now state the obvious:

The Computer has no body.

Only people have bodies – the result of millions of years of evolution – that produced the human mind – a very imperfect creation. But capable of great creativity – when it is working right.

We should be using the Computer very carefully – keeping in mind what it is, and what we are. But we have not – we have identified with it (in the form of the Smartphone) – and abandoned our human self – that has all our smarts.

The Computer is not nearly as smart.


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