This snuck up on me.

For some time now, I have been obsessed with developmental boards – Raspberry Pi, Tessel 2, and the BeagleBone Black. They all use chips developed for smartphones – that turn them into the miniature computers that people love. These boards allow you to do this too!

All you need is a few accessories to make them complete – a display, a keyboard, a mouse – and maybe a few other things – such as a microphone or camera.

But you need to understand the Linux operating system and Javascript – at the most basic level – the command-line interface. Which means you have to memorize a ton of stuff!


Then it dawned in me – my Android smartphone has all these things built into it already! And Google has this neat IDE that will let you program Android devices – called the Android Studio – that you can get for free!

So I downloaded it – my longest download ever, it took hours! And I had to set an environmental variable – not easy for my old brain.

But the result is impressive! I have been dragged, screaming and kicking – into the Android ecosystem. And now don’t know quite what to make of it.

I have started out learning the Java programming language – something I started to do long ago – but now I am motivated to really learn it.

I have discovered where I want to be – a voyage that took me over twenty years.


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