Artificial Intelligence

This is one of the strangest impacts of the Computer on us. As it has become smarter we have become dumber.

And this trend persists – we maintain our outward focus, obsessed with how much better it is getting (because of all the work we have put into it) – while paying no attention to its deleterious effect on us.

And we have changed because of it – for the worse – while not being aware of this at all. It’s time we regained our inward focus – on us, instead of on it.

People will resist this, because they think it is so much better than them. It can be improved easily – while improving us is very difficult.

The solution for this problem is simple – we just have to recognize it! And go back to what we have always known – that we are very imperfect beings. Making the perfect machine – the Computer – has not changed who we have always been.

Making this change in orientation (from outer to inner) would not be easy – a huge change in attitude would be necessary – and social changes are very difficult.

The changes we went through in the last 500 years or so – that created the Modern World. And especially those that created the Industrial Revolution – will have to be carefully reconsidered.

We have put too much of ourselves into our machines – which has given us huge advantages – and now we have to live with its disadvantages. A greatly reduced ability to work with ourselves.

This inability is so serious that we may not be able to solve it. And those that do recognize the problem – perhaps one percent of the population – will be treated to the sight of the rest of the world failing completely.

While making more of them.


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