Being Dead while Still Alive

Did that title catch your attention? Good – now hold on while I explain it.

The basic idea is simple – people can be mentally and emotionally dead while being physically alive. The body can function quite well without the mind.

To put this in terms of brain science – the older parts of the brain can function very well, without its newer parts – that do most of its thinking. People do not have to think for themselves – they can just follow the herd.

This has been said before – Nietzsche comes to mind. But he could not imagine how bad things could get – even though he went crazy at the end of his life.

What strikes me is the contrast between the creativity in Software Development, which is astonishing – and the incompetence people are displaying everywhere else.

When I look into the future, I can see the collapse of the global economy – and the necessity of something to take its place. This will have to include the Computer – and perhaps this will allow its creative thinking to expand.

Cross your fingers.


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