Being Too Well-Informed

This is something Americans are very careful of –  they take great care to not to be too well-informed.

You might want to read that twice – and give it a careful taste-test before you swallow it.

I discovered this after my posting Beyoncé – when I came close to stepping on some hidden land-mines. No one wanted to learn about Beyoncé – she was far too important for that kind of vulgar activity.

She is an entertainer – but also a goddess. Her image is sacred.

We are dealing with Religion here – and we are as religious as we ever were – perhaps more so. We are surrounded by strange forces we do not understand (in the real world) – and we need a magical way of dealing with them (using the religious world). This magic has one purpose – to make people feel powerful, to feel they are in control.

This may seem like a strange state of affairs – but it would be familiar to most people – until a few hundred years ago. We need to go back to living in two worlds – the real world and the religious world – simultaneously.

It’s not hard.


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