Making a Better World? What a Weird Idea!

I must begin this discussion by making a clear distinction between people’s conscious minds – and their unconscious minds.

The discovery of the unconscious mind was a huge breakthrough for psychology. It was known long before that, of course, but not in any formal way – it didn’t have a name. Freud discovered an idea that already existed – and elaborated it into some foolishness of his own.

People who could afford it, went into his Analysis – that discovered their unconscious problems – and assumed, once they knew about them – they were free of them. But it didn’t work that way – people ended up as crazy as ever. Freud himself barely escaped the Nazis.

Many other therapies were invented – and I must have tried most of them. Some of the latest denied the existence of the unconscious altogether. People had no trouble taking this a step further – and denied the existence of the mind altogether! Which, for them, was a satisfactory development – that freed them from any responsibility for what they did.

This was not a carefully thought-out conclusion, it couldn’t be – it involved the abandonment of thinking altogether. And once they stopped thinking – they ceased being. It was all simple – one domino falling on the next.

I would not have been hard to go back in our thinking to before these dominoes were set up – but we couldn’t! This kind of essential time-travel – using our minds, was no longer available.

We were fucked – to use plain language.


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