My Blog as an Online Journal

NY Review – In the depths of the digital age

I had not imagined so much had been written about this – in so many expensive books! This in itself, is suspicious – online information, in whatever form, is usually free – or at least low-cost.

My Kindle library is full of low-cost books, as is my Audible library. And they are stored in the Cloud, so I can never lose them. For me, reading a book on my PC, or listening to my little Audible player – is just like reading on paper, or listening to someone reading. And some of their narrators are very skilled – using different voices for each of the characters!

A digital camera functions just like a film one, but better – and no one panics about using them.

I have an Android smartphone, but I don’t use it much – only to make an occasional phone call, or to look at its handy shopping list when I go shopping. Otherwise, it stays turned off. I don’t trust the thing.

I don’t have a Facebook account or a Twitter account. But I do have a blog. and I write in it every day – usually several times a day! I write mainly for myself, to clarify my thinking. But I do have a small following.

I’m sure lets advertisers look at my postings, and search through them, as much as they like. I wonder if they find anything that interests them?


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