Intellectual Property Rights

This an artifact of Industrial culture that must be re-considered.  We need to give it some serious thought, just when we cannot think very well.

We are beginning to recognize that everything is connected. In Business there is Stakeholder Theory – which recognizes that a business does not exist in isolation – but exists in dynamic cooperation with many groups of people – without which it could not exist.

Not too long ago, robber barons were common – who once they gained power, could ignore the needs of everyone else – and could take whatever they wanted. They have not gone away, but are still very much with us – wearing different clothes (such as Free Trade) to make them seem innocent.

So far, everyone will agree with me – but they will say, as they are taught to say “But what can we do about it?” Knowing in advance that answer is “Nothing!” The logic behind this answer is well-hidden – out of sight in their Collective Unconscious. Where the searchlight of Reason cannot penetrate to it.

Their logic may be this – the recognition that Industrialization was over – which puts them in a state of blind panic! It ceased to exist for a number of reasons, basically because it was no longer working. It died of a self-inflicted disease, we sometimes call Globalization – it got too big to function properly. The problem with empire after empire.

But it also died for a more fundamental reason – the people in it could no longer reason – a fatal flaw!


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