Pirates in Business

These guys have been in business for a long time – ever since there was plunder for the taking. And not just in business – in any kind of organization that could be robbed of anything. Religions, for example – over which, the worst wars in history have been fought. They were valuable because they controlled the behavior of their converts.

The English had their pirate fleets – that robbed the Spaniard treasure fleet – to the complete satisfaction of Queen Elizabeth the First – who knighted the most successful of its Captains.

But their greatest success – or damage, depending on how you viewed it – was in Business in the 20th Century. The pirates here set out to rob companies, and their investors, of anything that could be converted to cash.

I watched this happening with amazement – but everyone else, seemed to think this was normal business behavior. Not the finest behavior, perhaps – but inevitable.

Only recently, I realized why this was so – everyone else were acting as pirates also! They were getting paid for doing nothing – or nothing worthwhile. They were robbing the organization they were working for – and were perfectly satisfied doing that!


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