Silicon Valley was Hell


The Valley could be the best of places,or the worst of places – depending on how high you flew in its rarefied atmosphere. Those near the bottom, like me, struggled to survive – while those at the top made out like bandits – which they often were.

So what did I do? I bought the first season on Amazon, for $20, and am streaming it to my computer. I should have just bought the first episode – because I can see right away the plot is about a talented programmer (which I was not) who is tempted to get rich (which I was not) who is trying to save his soul – something the early Christians were also trying to do – thousands of years ago. At which – they failed.

Silicon Valley is the new version of the same story.

The Valley I experienced could not have been made into a TV show – it was stupid. It wasn’t dramatic – it was disgusting.


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