A Problem so Obvious it Cannot Be Seen

Because it is hidden within us.

It’s simple: things got so bad, people decided to not be. And things got even worse – because there was no one to look after them.

You can deduce from this that I think people are important. Something that the 99 percent do not believe – although they give it plenty of lip-service. They believe something else is important – although they have no idea what that is – they only know that whatever it is – it is, and is running the show.

It’s not hard to see what that is – it’s a return the Christianity of the Middle Ages – and an abandonment of the Modern World.

I even have a theory that explains this. The Modern World (that began in the 15th Century) was based on a series of technologies that became known as Capitalism – that resulted in a global Economy. These technologies eventually produced the Computer – the perfect machine – a wall we bounced off of – and headed right back to where we came from.

You can say that this explanation is too facile – and it is. All kinds of things were going on inside people – who are very complicated beings – and inside the Computer itself. But I think for an overview it is not bad.

Remember the main point – people decided to not be.


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