Being Good

Being good was not of much interest to my religious family – they were more interested in being righteous – even in being self-righteous. And they had plenty of company – if we consider Business to be a religion (as I do) – we can safely say that most Americans are righteous, and proud to be that way.

This would not be a problem if Business was working properly – but it is not. People now look on Business with disfavor – and with good reason. They were once satisfied with a new car in a new home in the suburbs – and shopping at one of the new shopping centers.

But this no longer as satisfying. This is hardly surprising – as we get more of anything, it becomes less satisfying.

Americans want something else – but haven’t yet found what that is. For the time being, they will join others, who are vaguely unsatisfied – and wonder if America shouldn’t return to its past, when things were better.

They never stop to think – they cannot think, in fact – that time only runs one way. And if they want things to improve – they will have to improve them. And they will need the help of others to do this. In other words – Americans, acting together, will have to be good for each other.

But they have gone through a vast underground change – a reversal of values, where bad feels like good to them, and the right thing to do. They are not building a better America – but destroying it.

And in this context – being good is impossible.


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