Playing with a Deck that is Missing a Few Cards

I am referring to old age – where your body and your brain have some moving parts that aren’t moving too well anymore. And sometimes are gone entirely. And some skills, which used to be valuable – aren’t valuable anymore. The world has gone on – and left you behind.

Any old person has to ask themselves (or should ask themselves) “What now?”

I am thinking of a man from my home town in Iowa that became successful in the Pentagon. He had no skills I knew of, but one – he knew how to rise in a hierarchy – and that skill took him far.

His wife, by contrast, who had married him because everyone told her he had a bright future – lost her mind.

He ended up with a full deck of cards – and she ended up with none.

There may have been a medical explanation for this – as everyone insisted – but I prefer an emotional one. He could flourish by being nothing – but she could not. If she became nothing – she became nothing.

He, on the other hand – was nothing, but appeared to be everything. And few people noticed the difference.


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