Android Insanity

I have been part of this for about a month. And have come out of it with one conclusion – some parts of Google are crazier than I am – and that is saying something.

This is true of any company, or any organization – some parts of it are crazier than others. But no one wants to call the craziness for what it is. They want to pussyfoot around it and call less obnoxious things.

I decided I had to learn the Android Studio – the IDE that Google has developed to help software developers develop apps for its millions of Android devices.

I like IDEs and have used a few of them – such as Oracle’s NetBeans and Microsoft’s Visual Studio. Both are easy to understand and well-documented.

I downloaded and installed the Android Studio – and bought three books that explained it – or claimed they could explain it. I followed their instructions carefully – and got results that did not look like – what the books showed me I should be getting. The Head First book did do a better job of explaining what is was trying to do – but did say much about the details of its very complicated user interface.

I have great respect for much that Google has done – I use their Chrome Browser every day, and I have a Android smartphone that works fine.

But I have to say that some parts of Google are insane.


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