Becoming Nothing was a Dangerous Option

Americans have noticed, correctly, that their culture had become destructive – and have decided to get out of it. Which was entirely reasonable and ethical.

But immediately they have a problem – how to do this? Their solution was a new one, never thought of before – they would cease to be! That way, they would not be responsible for anything that was going on.

This was a clever solution – extremely clever – and had the advantage of being invented by their collective unconscious – which made it invisible to their conscious minds. Which thought of its own solutions, without taking this important unconscious decision into account.

Their conscious minds would think it was too wacky an idea for serious consideration – when it was not wacky at all – but extremely clever. And went straight to the core of human thought – what philosophy calls ontology and etiology. The difference between sanity and insanity.

This is The Big Problem that Americans do not want to think about – even as it destroys them. When they decided to not be – they eliminated their ability to think! And gave full rein to their primitive emotions.

They can say “We are not responsible for any of this!” As loudly as they please – when it is obvious that they are.


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