Being Moral is not Satisfying – Being Immoral Is

I must define what being moral is, which is not hard – it’s putting the community’s interests ahead of your own. What the Romans called Virtue. When they lost this, their empire declined – because their people were not interested in making it better.

This decline was sometimes attributed to Christianity – with its emphasis on the afterlife. This is probably not fair – it would be more accurate to say that rise of early Christianity coincided with the general decline of empires in the Eastern Mediterranean – the Greek, Roman, and the Egyptian.

Now I return to the present – which is similar in many ways. We live in a civilization under decline – which is also immoral. It is more satisfying (and profitable) to look out for one’s own interests – at the expense of others. Something everyone can easily see, if they take a careful look at what is going on.

And this is universally true – everywhere oon the planet. The lead article in June 2016 National Geographic is Tomb Raiders – looting the world’s ancient treasures. This is immorality on a global scale.

Which is echoed, on a smaller scale, by every American organization – notably Business – that thinks nothing of making defective products and services. This, in turn, makes a defective Economy – all of which Americans carefully overlook.

They are saying, as a gigantic chorus “Nothing bad is going on!” When Bad is at the core of who they are.


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