Our Rejection of Reality was a Rejection of Ourselves

My old mind barely functions anymore – but in some ways it is functioning better than ever. I can see what is going on in the world better than most people can. This not because I have gotten smarter – but because what I am studying has clarified itself.

A whole syndrome of interrelated changes has occurred that I can make a list of:

  • Self-destruction
  • Rejection of Reality
  • Insanity – individual and social

All of them very bad – the sum total of which, is so bad people cannot believe they could possibly be happening. Let me assure you – they are happening.

These changes did not happen in a vacuum – they happened in Human History. And were the result of things we did. Now we have to ask ourselves “What on earth did we do?”

We don’t have to go too far back to find out – to the 15th Century, and the dawn of the Modern World. This had been preceded by the Middle Ages, that lasted for a thousand years. Like all great changes, this was a complex change, but we have a single word for it – the Renaissance – French for a new beginning – which refers to the Ancient World of Greece and Rome.

I must emphasize to you that the Modern World did exist, for about 500 years. And it was a big deal – a very Big Deal.

And should be a critical part of our education. But instead we have done our best – to forget it! Because what we are now is so inferior.

For the reasons I have itemized above.


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